Devin Townsend Project - Eras: Vinyl Collection Part I

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Release Date:06/15/2018;Notes: Deluxe Edition 7 x LP box set pressed on black vinyl. Inside Out. 2018.;Track List:1. Gato;2. Terminal;3. Heaven Send;4. Lady Helen;5. Ki;6. Quiet Riot;7. Deamon League;8. Resolve!;9. Ih-Ah!;10. The Way Home!;11. Numbered!;12. Awake!;13. Planet of the Apes;14. Sumeria;15. Juular;16. Pandemic;17. Deconstruction;18. Poltergeist;19. Kawaii;20. Ghost;21. Blackberry;22. Monsoon;23. Infinite Ocean;24. As You Were;25. Seams;Special Attributes: OVERSIZE ITEM SPLIT, LIMITED